So after fring, Nimbuzz is asked to stop supporting Skype

I am just talking on phone right now while saw this... so couldn't read more but thought it could be of interest [in bad or a good way :P] to you guys

I guess there is lot of Skype users. what would be your opinion in this regard.....

WHAT !!! skype doesn't work on fringe? Who will use these software's now.

well skype people are smart, asking other to remove skype just to make their own app hit one.

anyway skype is getting better and better new version of skype for PC supports facebook integration + Video conferencing and alot more...

from reviews it looks like Skype for android is not a big hit. Buggy app that takes a lot out of your battery life. Skype worked great on nimbuzz.

Doesn't make much difference if they stop skype on nimbuzz. I really felt bad about it when they stopped it on fring. The only simple way to do Skype Video Call on Nokia N95 and all other S60v3 FP1 phones was through fring, because skype for s60v3 does not have video call option.