SMS API Providers in Pakistan

I am to build a web app for my unversity project which should be able to recieve messages to short code (to make certain requests to the web server), and it should be able to send auto responses too in the form of sms. Is there a reliable company here which provides API for the purpose, free or paid?

I am also looking for such API. Only networks are providing services. Is there any software that can be integrated with software to send message for customer etc?

Please comment!

I've found an alternative, we can use android phone as an sms gateway, yesterday I tested SMSSync app and I was able to receive messages on my web server and it also can send automated responses too. I've checked that the services provided by the cellular networks are one way mostly, i.e. you can send message from your web app but can't receive them, and above all, they can't be afforded by a student like me.

That is a kaam ka question. +10.