Smartphones from Lenovo, Acer & Asus

We always hear news about smartphones from Sony, Huawei, Qmobile, Apple, Samsung...etc but I never heard anything about smartphones from Lenovo, Acer and Asus.

Are they not reliable, are they very expensive, are they not available in Pakistan?

I was thinking to buy smartphones from one of these companies because other than Apple & Samsung (I hate both) these 3 companies have a big name so I want to try their product.

only tab's available from these companies in pakistan.

if you visit these companies official websites or amazon you will see what other products they offer.

they don't have official distribution channels in Pakistan and no service centers, thats why even independent importers avoid these brands

Lenovo huawei oppo are all officially here in pk.

of these three.. i have ised both lenovo and huawei.. only the Ascend series of huawie high end are good phones, especially the ascend mate 7...Awesome device.

lenovo are top notch.. extremely high build quality regular software updates, extremely long battery with dual sim and always on wifi with some models , like 4-5 days on single charge with 4000 mah battery. and their software is very easy and simple and convenient.. and lots of pre customisation options.

Asus mobiles are also available here but unofficially :