Smartphone with best loud speaker and call quality?


I am looking for a smartphone in range of 15k-20k with a good loud speaker and call quality. I work in a factory where machine noise can often make me miss the incoming calls and messages. Same I want my voice to be communicated with clarity to the other caller so it should have good call quality. Any phone in this range?

^ Do you need a brand new phone or are you ok with going for a kit?

If kit is fine, then simply go get HTC One M7. It has stereo speakers which are both loud and provide clear audible audio.

If you need brand new... Well there's no definitive answer, but the Qmobile M series is one of the louder ones among them.

Hi, I am looking for a smartphone

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Hi, I am looking for a smartphone


I’m pretty sure the one i recommended classifies as one… :ph34r:


HTC One phones, as well as the old Galaxy Note and Galaxy s4 come in your range and have good sound quality.. and they are indeed SMART PHONES.. ;)