Smart PCB NC Drill Files Format

Does anyone here know what format Smart PCB requires their NC Drill Files to be in? I submitted mine but was told they are not in the correct format. I asked for clarification but it seems the staff was already gone (I called) before 3 PM.

Would appreciate some info. on this so I can generate the files today and send them so they can start tomorrow.

It should be either Excellon or Sieb & Meyer. They should be able to convert the formats.

Can you also specify what options they require? I feel like that's the cuprit.

For instance, suppress trailing or leading zeroes? etc.

If you want to do it right now, I can give you cell number of the marketing manager. May be held can tell you exactly.

I didn't get any PCB fabricated from them. I am a Micropak customer and they accept any format, they just convert.

Does Micropak do 4 layer boards? If so, can I have their contact number. This way I'll go with the cheaper option.

Neither Micropak nor Smart PCB do the muti-layer. They get it fabricated from abroad.

Ah, I see. So there's no 4-layer PCB manufacturer in pakistan? I guess it's just cheaper to get it done from China.

In anycase, would you happen to have their number? I did find this:

but I'm not sure if the number listed is current.

Micropak has discontinued PCB fabrication and now focusing on surface mount technology and equipment. The contact info is correct.