Smallest (in wattage) UPS available in market for router

Which is the smallest (in wattage) UPS available in Pakistani market (local market of Rawalpindi and Islamabad) which can run WiFi router and modem without interruption (restart)? Since these devices hardly take 1 watt of power, an UPS of 500 VA would be an overkill. However, if I couldn't find any then I'll have to use 500 VA rated UPS.

Please state the make and model of any small/low wattage UPS for router.

However, if that's not the case then any good (including Chinese but not desi) UPS make/model for 500 VA rated UPS for Wifi and modem. Have anybody bought any UPS (for computer or router) from Metro? What was the experience?

Thank you for reading this.

I will read, the post afterwards, but where you have been all these years ? this time ?

These modems and Wifi router actually draw something around 6-20Watts not 1 watt.

2-3 devices running all day long can consume as much as a small refrigerator. Although small UPS are available but backup time is usually small too.


yep I have my modem on homage axiom 1202 800 watt (it doesn't restarts nor does my desktop PC) inverter... it does consumes 10 watts.

@OP get a 12v battery and voltage regulators 12 or 9 whichever your modem/router takes. Get a 15v adaptor with a diode attached to charge this battery. There was a thread about this a while ago. I am using a similar setup where my modem/wifi router combo is 9 volts. A 4.5AH battery gives me 7-8 hours backup easy where my modem is rated 5.4 watts

I have tried all the local UPS, upto 800VA the do not last more than 15-20min for the router (standard PTCL router).

Got this from Aliexpress, its very compact, a bit expensive, but lasts approx 90 minutes. If this comes within your budget, get it.

I have a 12v modem so I am using a 12vdc supply (SLA 7.4Ah Battery) directly and a Smart Charger IIRC it is capable of 5Amps, I can easily get upto 20-22 hours out of it as fully charged , the modem only consumes 200mA~ @12v (2.5W-3.0W)

my router ratings are as follows:

out put : 12vdc, 800ma

my question is , in load shedding can i use 12v 10ah battery with a charger.

second question is with 10ah battery how many hours i can run this setup.


I've been using a 7.5 Ah 12 V Leoch battery, charged by an unregulated 12 V adapter, that keeps the battery at 14.4-14.8 volts (a little high, I know, but I couldn't be bothered to build a charging circuit for it when it's working fine), for the past couple of months, without any problems. It powers a modem and a TP-Link router for more than 4 hours (it's the max I've had a chance to test).

And yes, both the modem and router are rated at 9 V. But I opened both of them up, and the modem has a switching voltage adapter that can take up to 24 V, and the router has one that tolerates up to 18 V, so 14 V isn't a problem. The capacitors in the router are rated at 16 V, so I'm wondering if that'll be a problem... but it hasn't yet, so all's good :D



TP-Link TL-WR841ND:


Thanks everybody for help.

so thats mean theres no problem in doing this setup

I attached my 12vdc modem directly with my car battery of 100ah, and then i enjoyed the burning smell of my modem.

Are you sure you didn't mix up the polarity of the wires? Did you connect the tip to positive, and shell to negative, or the other way around?