Small hosting company do you backup!

to all small hosting company owner, how do you backup your servers, i mean if the windows of your sever gets crashed then how do you recover it, backup!

if backup then which backup systems you use?

i live in Lahore, how much cost is required for backups and servers?


What type of hosting are you doing ? Some Shared/Reseller accounts ?

If yes then create their packages on period basis with cron and ftp them to some remote backup account/server. Unless its R1soft or other Continuous data backup solution, the normal backup space with ftp logins is not very expensive. If you don't have root access to server you will need to request your hosting provider for complete control panel tars , like cPanel ones. Or else can setup per account mysqldump tars and other directories tars.

If you have have your own server physically with you, Gost or Disk image is the fastest and better way.

yes what type of backup would be for a very very basic hosting computer..?

take backup manually.

how much price , and any name..??