Slow WIFI on iphone

Download speed on my iphone always varies and max speed I get is 30 kb on 4 mb connection. My upload is stable 100 kb/sec which is what I get on my laptop. I have tried almost every tweak on my wireless router.. tried different routers with the same result. I also tried resetting my iphone and installed different versions with no luck. Does anyone know how do I get the max download speed on my iphone?

Connection is secure?

Yes it is..using WPA-PSK security..changing security mode didnt help.

do you get proper speed on ur desktop and laptop or is it just the iphone.?

Yea PTCL 4mb works like charm on my desktop and wireless laptop.

same with me slow speed on iphone 4 u can search on google but no solution yet to be found

agreed...sittin here pullin my hair. :(

Choclate some where I found this tweak. Comments show that I did help lot of ppl but not me. In case if you want to give it a try.. here are the settings :

Channel ID: Channel 9 (2452 Mhz)

Beacon Interval: 50

RTS/CTS Threshold: 2305 (Also try 1500, 2305 works better for me though)

Fragmentation Threshold: 2304 (Also try 1024, 2304 works better for me though)


Protocol: 802.11 b (This is the most important bit. 802.11 b works better for iPhone, for some reason)

Reboot router and reconnect.


already done dat :/ but no avail thx anyway i also got 4mb :)

what is the max download you get ?

Choc.. I heard the solution is to assign static ip in iphone and do port maping in router. But I have no clue what port maping is .. do you ?