Slow Upload Speed

I am getting very slow upload speed. I have a 1 mbps connection and getting around 0.10 mbps as the upload speed. Download is ok with around 1 mbps. Due to this slow upload. My voice and vdo on the other side is very slow in skype calls.

wateen is much bette rthan this qubee


Yes Qubee uploading speed is very low.

I m also use qubee device.

PTCL EVO is good for nothing but upload speed: (3.1 Mbps connection)


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he only way to increase the internet speed is to speak with your ISP.

Now, your network card will read 10 Mbps maximum but when you download it will download at what your ISP is regulating for you.

It sounds like your download speed is only 320. You might have a slow connection. Check with your ISP to see what you should be downloading at. If you are suppose to be paying for more, contact their tech support department so they can work with you to resolve the issue. You might need a tech to come out.

The only problem is that on broadband, there is no way at increasing your speed other than changing a few settings or download software that "claims" to increase your speed on the internet but really just tweaks some settings to disable a few things in your computer.

In the big picture of it all, on the ISP router, they can regulate at what speed your modem will be downloading at. It is really simple to do. You can do the same thing with some routers or a computer that acts as a server in your home to regulate the download speeds. There is no way to bypass it. I turned on a speed slower than dial up on my server for one PC and let me tell you, that was annoying. I like my broadband high speed.