Slow Speed Problem

Anyone else suffering slow browsing and download speed problem on ptcl? I have been using ptcl dsl since its very launch back in 2007 or was it 2008? However i NEVER ever had a speed problem with ptcl before, i always used to get my max package download/upload speed. True, i suffered many problems like dc with ptcl but speed was never a part of it and since i moved to onu my dc problem got solved too. My current package is 4mbps, my line is PERFECTLY fine with not a single DC issue ever. here's a pic of my dsl status:

However from the past couple of weeks i am getting very bad download speed and browsing issue's. Sometime's page will load fine, sometime it will be very slow and sometime it will just timeout and i have to refresh it. Same goes with download speed, usually at night times, by night time i mean after 1:00 A.M. the download speed is acceptable while during days and evening's its pathetic like 150-200 KB/s instead of my usual 480-510 KB/s regardless of the server i am downloading from. I use a legal NIS 2011 and keeps it updated so its defintely not virus and i am using ptcl dns. Anyone knows if its a backend problem? Is anyother ptcl user specially in Lahore suffering speed problems?

the problem of speed degradation persists and is definitely a backend issue...I'm looking forward for its dissolution too.! hope it gets back to normal soon.!

Well i heard that ptcl has upgraded all 1Mb user to 2Mb user's for 3 months on trail basis and now i am convinced that this is choking their system. Remember there are a LOT more 1mb users then anyother so upgrading all of them in hopes for some ppl to upgrade after trail has brought there system to knees. Good business move by ptcl but ensure first that your infrastructure is capable of such burden so your ACTUAL long term paying customers don't have to suffer. I am really mad at ptcl now.

same here problem

Now tbh i am getting my normal speed's again since yesterday at all times so i hope the problem (whatever it was) is sorted and it stays this way.

it dead slow today.

Tracing route to []

over a maximum of 30 hops:

1 <1 ms <1 ms <1 ms login.router []

2 35 ms 29 ms 38 ms

3 51 ms 50 ms 51 ms

4 50 ms 49 ms 49 ms

5 * 66 ms 66 ms []

6 54 ms 56 ms 59 ms []

7 182 ms * 209 ms

8 179 ms 177 ms 178 ms

9 223 ms 188 ms 192 ms

10 274 ms 269 ms 290 ms

11 289 ms 295 ms 295 ms

12 275 ms 272 ms 274 ms

13 286 ms 288 ms 293 ms

Trace complete.

The problem of slow internet and choking has persisted since April last year it has improved in between but the performance of PTCL DSL has sucked most of the time in my opinion. I have a 6 MB connection and it cannot stream 360p youtube videos :( .

me also facing slow speed past 3 days