Slow Speed during Peak hours

Its been 2 weeks now that i m facing slow speed during peak hours, i have 4 mb dsl connection, i ve complained to PTCL, they have visited and checked but now they r keep calling me and explaining that i have shared ip Dynamic IP which will be slowed when lot of users come online. They r insisting me to remove my complain so far i didnt. I told them that they suppose to give me 4mb speed not 3-2 and sometime droping to 1mbps. I ve checked speed on They also told me to get Static Ip for Rs. 5000, still need confirmation on that, thats my story, anyone else having problem like this?

This problem is all over in Pakistan now, specially you can check it at ATMs, and all credit goes to Electricity :) cheers...... (and it is further confirmed if your neighbours are getting same speed).