Slow Internet Speed

My connection restored on 4th October but since then Internet speed is so slow. I am using 2MB connection but hardly getting 25-30 KB download speed. I registered complaint on 1218 but still my speed issue is not yet resolved. My exchange is Multan Road, Lahore. Is anyone else getting speed issue or it's only me?

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Hows ur line stats?

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Here is the screenshot:

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Same here, since restoration my speed has been less than 12 KB. I am subscribed to 1 mbps and it used to be 100 KB speed for download. I have complained at 1218 and also left a tweet at PTCL cares on twitter, i did got a response from twitter but so far no improvement.

same here the speed is so slow since so many days....i have 2mb connection but not even getting 1mb speed it's hardly like 50-60 kb in download

and browsing and others things are slow too.

My 4 MB connection has been downgraded to 2MB stating the reason that PTCL is upgrading its system after the recent blazing incident in Lahore. Let's see when it gets restored.

I have the same problem but I am in some other city. I called PTCL help line but they said "We usually have this problem during these months when there is heavy rainy season" . I waited but now its October and still have the problem. I don't know what to do with PTCL.

But at least they started attending calls form complaints. :P

here today in peshawar, ptcl broadband is down. i could open only ufone website, nothing else is working. ping on command prompt are failing and tracert commands are dropping requests beyond

dont know whats happening. anyone else having this problem or is it only me facing this.

So I sorted it out. It was me..... PTCL had upgraded my 4 MB package to 8 MB without my approval or even knowledge. The weak copper pairs in our areas and old DP's couldnt take this much load, so my browsing was halted by this. Complained with PTCL last night and today the local exchange called me and apprised me of this problem that weak copper pairs are causing this problem. They advised me to downgrade to 4 MB and the thing will be automatically recitifed. I called 1236 and they reverted me back to 4 MB package and viola, my browsing and speeds were back in a fraction of a second

How do I know from Router's information that my Line is good or not....???

getting less than 2mb on my 8mb connection in huderabad any one else facing this prb or is this just me.

speed back to normal almost.