Slow downloading problem :-(

I am using 1 mb student dsl of ptcl for two years.In starting it worked very well but after 6 months my speed slowed down. Now it hardly goes to 25 to 35KB/s most of the day . but in the morning from 4am to 1pm it goes to 100kb/s .what is the reason behind this??? how can i resolve this issue .Some people at exchange said that it will be done by NOC office of ptcl .Any one have this similar problem????????

but my friends dsl is coming from same exchange but it work very well every time he gets constant speed of 100 to 107 kB/s.whats wrong with mine ???? if any one knows about that problem then plz give me the solution.....

Also I have Downstream/Upstream rate =(1024/256) and SNR down/up=(27/26)... attenuation (down/up=33/28) I think my line quality is also fine .But problem should be at backend at ptcl.......

Did you complained them at 1218?

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Did you complained them at 1218?


Yes i have complained several times

Keep complaining I had the same problem then finally they increased my Down and up stream rate.... :rolleyes: