Slow Browsing, Torrents Throttled?

Guys, can anyone in lahore confirm if torrents are getting throttled? Not getting speeds above 100Kb/sec on heavily seeded torrents ? Just hovers around 50-60KB/sec average ?

I'm on a 4MB line. Browsing is also extremely sh*** since the past week or so.

i get only 2mb speed on a 4mb connection.... it happens from 6pm till 2am... Apart from these timings i get full 4mb speed... (Samanabad Exchange Lahore)

Dear Tanzeel,

I was also facing the same issues back in 2012. Lodge several complains but in vain. Then eventually I got an email address of their head office and escalated the issue and then it was fixed.

The issue is contention ratio in your area. Means the number of users are high in your are but the bandwidth provided by Ptcl is not sufficient for your area due to which all users in your area face speed issues during peak hours I.e. 6 PM to 2 am. So they just need to increase the bandwidth of your area from back end and hence the issue will be resolved.


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