Slim cats? OGDC chairman wants a raise

While people in other countries are in an uproar over fat cat corporate executives, things are a little different in Pakistan.

OGDC chairman has written to the Minister of petroleum asking for a raise. His current salary is Rs. 25,000 per month (ouch :P ).

Isn't it Rs 25K + benefits?

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Isn’t it Rs 25K + benefits?

Like what? Loads of free petrol? What benefits could possibly make up for such a low basic salary. I think other top blue chip company executives are probably paid at least Rs. 500,000 per month. I know a comparatively lowly bank branch manager who earns Rs. 120,000 per month.

my basic salary is 21950/-.

there is no free gas utility even for executives in Sui Northern. benefits, allowances don't add up much to the take home salary. public sector organizations or the ones those once remained a public sector organization are not very good pay master.