Slight change in consumer packages

As of April 1, 2011, consumer packages have changed

speed volume (GB) monthly (Rs)

256 Kbps 8 650

512 Kbps 8/15/endless** 750/1,000/1,200

1 Mbps 8/15 950/1,200

1.5 Mbps endless** 2,400


I was old user of Wi-tribe, then I switched to Worldcall Cable, then Qubee and now back to Witribe as I found it the most reliable broadband if you have good signals. (Found best ping rates and fastest DNS servers when compared to other wireless broadbands. My modem session stays connected for weeks and does not break until I have to restart it, highly stable, I am on 1.5mb/8gb)

Reliability and quality is more important to me than high download limits ....... but it could be different for others

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I am on 1.5mb/8gb)

Are they offering 1.5 Mbps with 8GB as well?

@kashifazeem: no I meant 1Mbps/8gb with Speedboost addon. So that means 1050 per month.

syedAli , thanks for the info, so speedboost increases the speed in Rs. 100 extra. Good!

I got wi-tribe as a temporary solution while I faced issues with my LDN dsl. I was never in favour of wireless connections due to the limits, but the consistent connection (unlike DSL) was a real relief and I stuck with it. I added a speedboost to take the speed up to 1.5mbs for 100rs, the speed is comparable with the 2 mb connection on DSL. I also purchased 35GB for Rs.700 in advance, taking the total allowance to 44GB, getting by in that for the time being until PTCL decide to show up and install my long pending connection.

I think the endless 1.5 mb package is a bit stupid, it costs Rs.2400 per month. I have the basic 1 mb package (Rs.950) + Speed Boost of 0.5 mb (Rs.100) + extra volume of 35GB purchased (Rs.700), that's a total of 1750 per month. Lol.

This month, Wi-tribe is offering virtually endless downloads on its all packages. This is good but if they upgrade all their packages permanently, it will be better.