SkyStarTrade Scam

Thank you for your interest in SkyStarTrade’s deceitful business practices and moral-less trades.

Here I will explain to you, in detail, my numerous dealings with SkyStarTrade (aka GoUnlock). I completely understand that there are some people who have dealt with them and not had a problem. Others I have found have been “duped” and “scammed” just like us. So here is the story….

Let’s go back to December when I placed on order for one of their products. Went though the payment process with PayPal and correctly entered by shipping address as instructed by PayPal. The package was shipped to the incorrect address. I contacted them and they stated that since the address in my account (on their site) stated this address, that is where they shipped. They refused to credit me, or refund any shipping, even though I had to overnight the package from the incorrect location to the correct location.

Now let’s move ahead to May 7th when I placed an order for a set of cables. Went through the paypal process again, entered the correct address shipping to Nevada, chose overnight, they again shipped overnight to the incorrect address. I became furious demanding to know why they can not simply follow the directions. They replied with

During the checkout process, right before you click the link "Proceed to pay by Paypal", our web site has already prompted you to confirm your shipping address. Your old WI address showed up. You should have click the link there to update the address before you proceed to pay by Paypal.

To avoid confusion next time, before you place the order, log in to our web site first, click at "My Account" at the upper right corner, then update the address there to the address where you want your package to be shipped to, then go ahead to place the order. . –Ben - SkyStarTrade

So it seems that they do not ship the address provided in Paypal (though that is the only address covered by payment protection) but they ship to the address provided on the account when you sign up. I replied

I did this, as you can see. Look below and stop blaming US for your mistakes. You see the confirmation below, there shouldn't be any way to incorrectly ship this unless you took my old information from my account, which is irregular, as Paypal asks for the shipping address on every order.

They then replied again blaming ME

I am talking about the address confirmation screen in our web site that's even BEFORE you proceed to Paypal. We always ship to the address you specified in our web site, NOT the address from Paypal. Anyway, to avoid all the confusion, I have put a note in your account: "Always ship to Paypal address". So we will always ship to the address you specified in Paypal from now on. –Ben - SkyStarTrade

At this point I am just pissed off. There was no section to enter an address until I got to the Paypal payment section and I did correctly enter it there.

The other day, May 11th, I placed yet another order for a product. I contacted them before hand to make sure they would not screw up my order again. On their live chat program Vincent told me to make sure that I put in the “notes” the correct address to ship, not just the shipping address in paypal, because apparently this company has a very hard time reading. So I went ahead and palced the order, with overnight shipping. I did ask Vincent, the live chat person if he could discount my shipping because of the mistakes of the last 2 orders and he said “no”. (Great service).

Here is where things get interesting. I placed an order for a tool that was to unlock the Dell Venue Pro, which is a WP7 device. As stated on their website (screen shot below)

Screen shot from 9:45AM PST 5/13/2011


(As you can see by this screen shot, the Dell Venue Pro is a supported model)

My staff entered the live chat and explained them the issue. Vincent, who was on live support again, stated that is seems that it only works with Android Devices, and the Dell Venue Pro is a WP7 device. So it doesn’t work, well, we tried right? So I wrote to them and requested to return the device as this was the only reason we ordered it, was to unlock the Dell Venue Pro.

The live chat agent states:

Unfortunately there is No Return/Refund for all server kits, dongles..etc you can click on HOW TO BUY for more detail about our company return policy – Vincent – SkyStarTrade

Well I guess now I am upset, so I go to look at their site under the return policy. But before doing that, I check the item I ordered just to make sure that I got the correct item and it was to support the Dell Venue Pro and low and behold I find this (screen shot below)

Screen shot from 11:56AM PST 5/13/2011


So it seems now they have a disclaimer on that part of the product that it doesn’t support the WP7 Dell Venue Pro, only the Android version (which doesn’t exist).

At this point I am pretty upset as they are trying to claim they sold me a product that doesn’t work for the device I needed it for, but since they added that “disclaimer” on their site after I purchased it, its “ok”. So I write them again, giving them one last chance to give me a refund on my product.

Now I know that you added that “disclaimer” but what you do not know is that the Dell Venue Pro only comes loaded with WP7. I have read your return policy and have already read my credit card terms and conditions, which unfortunately for you does take precedence over your policies. This can end well for you if you send an RMA and label and refund in full.

I do not wish to harm your company, as I know how hard it is in my industry, not to mention how much more difficult it is in yours to keep a good reputation.

Feel free to call me if you have any concerns. If you do wish to stand by your statement Vincent: Unfortunately there is No Return/Refund for all server kits, dongles..etc you can click on HOW TO BUY for more detail about our company return policy

Then we will certainly have problems. Trust me, even if this part was $5 I would react in the same way.

The ball is in your court.

So I get an email from Chris with the following reply:

here is what we can do:

return the dongle and u can have store credit only or give refund after deduct 25% restocking fees, we do not give full refund at all, dont call or ask again. see our return policy before talking.

we did not stated it support windows 7 version on website, but it did support android version.

address is on the invoice.

So basically what Chris is explaining to me is that I can pay to return the device to them, use it for store credit (after they sold me something that doesn’t work, I will not be buying from them again) or take a 25% restock fee. “Don’t call or ask again” he says in this email to me. (great customer service). What bothers me the most is that he had the audacity to put that the site stated it didn’t work for WP7. Which was entered on the site only after my staffs live chat with them.

Well, my email reply to them wasn’t kind. In summary I told them that I would let everyone I dealt with know about their deceitful ways, I would also post online about my experience with them and do a chargeback for the full amount. Their reply is classic, please read it closely.

Subject Line: FW: Chris, read this email from this trouble maker


here is what we can do:

return the dongle and u can have store credit only or give refund after deduct 25% restocking fees, we do not give full refund at all, don’t call or ask again. See our return policy before talking.

i dont even want to read what u said, but here one more thing i want to add to your bullshit: u just go to hell and i will do the same thing to u.

Of course you can take this with a grain of salt, and continue to buy from this company, or you can buy from their competitors who I have purchased from in the past that provide the exact same products and services that SkyStarTrade/GoUnlock does….only cheaper and without all the “lip” and horrible customer service.

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Of course some people will claim that they had a great experience with SkyStarTrade. Unfortunately I am not one of those people so it will be my job to make sure that ANYONE I speak to or ANYONE that reads this will know what type of people they really are.

I will keep you updated with my progress as I file chargeback’s and post on multiple sites with my experience.

(All documents to prove the above stated facts are available at any time by request. Any attorneys interesting in these documents can contact me directly: legal at

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