Skype not connecting since yesterday

Using 1Mbps PTCL DSL. I am having trouble in connecting Skype since yesterday noon. It connects once in a while but disconnects immediately. I have even tried to connect with firewall disabled but connection remain flaky. Anyone else having trouble with Skype or is it just me.

Same Problem Here.. ! Dont know whether the problem is at ptcl end or skype servers :s


I think on PTCL bcuz m on other ISP and here its working fine :)


It's not with PTCL. Skype faced a major breakdown of their services. The blackout still continues..




Thanks dear for the update. Waiting patiently for Skype's recovery.

working for me like charm, but all my contacts are showing offline :(

Working @ my end too :)


if you are using windows vista or 7 , try to run skype as administrator .

if not worked.

then try bridge connection

2nd , if you install xammp or wammp or any other localhost , try to change port


The worst outage in Skype's seven-year history ended Thursday morning after a technical glitch plunged it into darkness most of Wednesday.

Millions of users of the Internet-phone service weren't able to make video and audio calls, and exchange instant messages Wednesday —Skype's most prolonged service interruption since it went down one day in 2007. Then, however, it had far fewer members.

By noon Eastern time Thursday, things had improved. Skype has "seen evidence of a significant increase in the number of people online," Skype spokesman Peter Parkes says.

Skype is estimating 17 million people, about 80% to 85% of its normal traffic this time of day, are using the service now.

"The root cause was software," Skype CEO Tony Bates said in a phone interview Thursday. "We had to temporarily bring in some dedicated servers and shift resources to get back online."