Skype not connecting issue

Hi guys, my skype is not connecting / logging in on my desktop pc. i have windows xp.. is this happening at your end too?

i have re-installed it too but it is still not connecting. i thought maybe ptcl is blocking it so turned on hotspot shield and even it is not able to connect to its server. same goes for spot flux :(

torrents are working and browsing is fine.

what is going on?

mee ok

not working on my end either, using ptcl (karachi)

Some times it happens, due to some bugs or wrong settings or settings gone bad.

So search for skype in Appdata folder and Delete the profile folder that has your name.

I hope it works.

^ did it but no luck..

What is the XP service pack version you are using?

If it is SP2 upgrade it to SP3 and then update the Skype to latest version. now that is a long route. :)

The win 8.1 metro skype app is working absolutely fine for me. The only problem is that i have to visit metro UI to access it, but i prefer it that way as it keeps my desktop unclogged.

Its definitely an issue these days because Skype is working fine here (wateen) but my sister is unable to get it connected (ptcl).

Don't know if it is ISP related issue or what but it is happening for sure.

pretty sure its a isp related issue, working fine on worldcall but on ptcl dsl its stuck on "connecting"

There was a rumor a while ago about the Sindh government banning chat applications.

I have Service pack 3 and latest version installed.. do you think a virus is maybe the cause?

Guys It might be because of network related technical issue also. I dont think it's an system related issues. yes it might be application related though but, so far only who were using ptcl faced the difficulties while connecting skype.