Skype in Pakistan?

Dear fellows,

I want to know that if skype products such as skype phonesets,cordless phone etc can be used in pakistan and if you want to buy credit in cash where to buy it??????

sorry i dont have any idea about that but i dont think so as many wp members have discussed in threads that in this way 3g will spread in the country but this is not acceptable by any cell phones services providers in pakistan

I dont think you should have any problems using phone gadgets with skype installed on PC.

You can buy Skype credit with a credit card or a debit card (with support for internet shopping).

I also want to know that skype handsets they are like normal phone sets you have to plug in internet cable (no need of computer) will these work in Pakistan and the second thing is that is there any skype dealer in pakistan particularly in Lahore.

Thanks in advance