Skype giving away 1 million Skype Credit vouchers to celebrate Eid

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We’re giving away 1 million Skype Credit vouchers to celebrate EidIf you’ve never tried using Skype to call a landline phone or mobile, now’s your chance to discover what else Skype can do.

We’ve got a feast of Skype Credit vouchers to give away - so you can call around the world for up to 30 minutes. To get yours, simply enter your email address on our promotion page. We’ll then email you a special code to claim your free Skype Credit so you can start sending Eid wishes on us.


Good share...

Nice one,thanks :)

Thanks Imran, good share.

Thanks Imran. Really nice of you!

i guess i missed it ... i couldnt find where to enter my email address

Yup the offer is over now.I didn't get the code yet :|

^It told me I'd get mine in the next 3 days.

Has anyone received their code so far? Iven't.

lolzz skype pranked us on eid :P

Its the 3 rd day still no email.Thats very bad skype :P

I hv got code, n activated.

it recharged my account with 0.50 euros.

only 0.5 euros? :S

Got the email. 0.51 Euros.

Got the email too, Recharged 0.51 euros too :)

Thanks, got 0.51 Euros

I got 0.51 Euros

I got NILL!

4 days and no email yet.... :|

Same here.Forget it man :-)