Skype Calls via Good Edge Phone

I want to buy an Edge phone so that i can use skype easily over it..... My question is whether i can make international calls via my phone though skype or not??? like i have to make calls to Canada so it is possible that it will work with ufone edge on a good phone like E63???

Secondly, is Sony Ericsson a better option for using Edge or Nokia???

I had w910i and it worked very well when connected to Pc... i tried edge using Nokia 5310 on connected to Pc but it was worst......

Shall i go for SE or nokia keeping in view the skype facility of making calls to land line numbers???

even n70 wud work..

sure??? someone told me today that i would not be able to call land lines through skype via my phone ....... so ???

We don't have unlimited edge packages over here in Pakistan so I would better recommend buying a WiFi phone, like the one you mentioned e63.

i have to use it where there is no such facility of land line etc....... if i had that i must use it on pc ...... problem is that i have to use it in murree where there no landline and then ofcourse no dsl thats y i have to use some edge service...

is Samsung S5230W Star WiFi a good phone for the specifications i have mentioned ???

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sure??? someone told me today that i would not be able to call land lines through skype via my phone … so ???

yea i am sure… get n70 install software like nimbuzz and fringe and your are good to go…

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yea i am sure… get n70 install software like nimbuzz and fringe and your are good to go…


I think He wont be able to call from a nimbuzz application though I’m not sure. I had e63 and e71 once and I remember the software was not letting me call some one. Any ways here is the supported list of phones in which you can download and call.

* 5320

* 5530

* 5800

* 6210

* Navigator

* 6220

* Classic

* E51

* E63

* E66

* E71

* E72

* E90

* N78

* N95 8GB

* N96

* N97

* N97 mini

* X6

Source: Skype Mobile website.


i have used NIMBUZZ on n70

he can even use any VOIP solution too with nimbuzz and skype too...

Wont the bandwidth of gprs/edge be too little?

I thought nimbuzz (or skype) doesn't make calls properly on GPRS...for calls to go through and be of decent quality, you need atleast 3G or WiFi...? (I could be wrong)

^ Skype is the one which consumes the lowest bandwidth I ever experienced. including Connect/Response Time and Voice Quality.

And if you are really getting Edge signals Skype should work fine.

I got Fring lighter and better than Nimbuzz. but overall both are good.

... Skype starts working with even a smell of the internet ...

some one told me that we could not make calls on land lines through skype on phones as speed is not tooo good......... @ KA u are talking about the internet calls or calls to land line numbers????

i think i must buy e63 and with ufone edge so i could make calls easily to landlines in canda ....... shall i go for it ????

^ I talked about the Skype in general that it consumes less bandwidth.

Specifically to your problem:

Considering my words above; It should, instead, be even more good on [internet]-to-[Landline/Mobile] because the internet involves only at one side (the caller side).

and about mobile phone, if your sole purpose to buy a phone specifically for skype to landline calling (as secondary mobile phone) then you can buy any cheaper phone having the capability as discussed above.

As ShoukaT has guaranteed about N70, he has used it perhaps. you can buy any used phone or any thing.

As I am currently using Nokia 6120 having newer Symbian OS than N70. It calls perfect using Fring.

Lastly and the most obvious thing I have noticed that you have made up your mind about E63. I would say that you should go with it.

If you are going to have only one primary phone with these features than surely you should buy any new with all your other desires and likeness, if don't have any budget limit.

some one suggested me to buy e63 so i made my mind for it otheriwise personally i like sony ericson.... my range is from 10000 to 13000 so any good stylish phone with the specifications i have mentioned in SE samsung or nokia ????? 6120 is a very good phone any other ????

and of course a used phone ranging from 10 to 13000....... any good Sony Ericson phone ???

please tell me shall i go for nokia 5230 ( touch screen) ???


thanks for what ?

I tried that fringe in my mobile with edge..the voice quality was cutting.Can't use the Wifi everytime with it..

A freind of mine uses his iPhone to make international calls using the Skype application. I one time even saw him getting a call on his cell phone dialled from skype