Skyelectric, are they really good?

I am planning to get a 5kWHr setup of skyelectric smart installation with net metering at my rooftop. The system will cost me around 1 million PKr. My yearly consumption is around 24000 kWHr. I know that a 10 kWHr or a larger system suits my energy needs. But there are limitations on the part of available budget. Kindly suggest if i should go for a conventional 10 kWHr solar system employing hybrid inverters with bare bone backup owing to the inefficiencies of conventional lead acid or dry batteries and sell the extra units to wapda which in this case will work as my backup power bank. Or should i stick to skyelectric and believe on their promises of using AI to use electricity from their LiPO batteries resulting in reduction of electricity consuned during peak hours. How many kWHr should i expect to get from these shstems. They are promising 20 kWHr from skyelectric and 40 kWHr from the hybrid per day.

Skyelectric is much more expensive than other comparatively equivalent options. They have good marketing and advertisement campaigns and that costs money, which ultimately, customers like you are paying.

Keep the battery backup low (2-4hrs max) to cater for load shedding. No need to sink excessive cost into a large battery bank. Excess energy should be sent back to DISCO using net metering.

Can you recommend someone in Lahore for installation of a 10 kWHr system at my home? Skyelectric guys are really smart and have done their homework. I have came across the Sales People of Pantera Energy which has sold 37 Net Metering Setups in Lahore. However, they came unprepared and were not flexible enough to offer a solar system meeting my expectations.

What are your expectations?

I want to sell electricity to LESCO through netmetering and use them as my backup.
Reduce my electricity bill.
Have peace of mind.
Have control for using storage if there is an option available in the peak hours.
Have warranties / product support for at least 4 years, which probably is the payback period in my case.
(product support is most important)

All expectations are doable. Have you gotten quotes from other people?

Select quality components and it should last a long time. Talk to suppliers about who is willing to give desired length of warranty in writing.

Simplistic economics:
Cost = Rs 1,000,000
Energy Produced (kw-hr) = 4 × system size in kw
(5kw system = 5×4 = 20 kw-hr per day

If WAPDA selling rate is Rs 17/kw-hr and buy back rate is Rs 7/kw-hr, then avg = Rs 12/kwhr
(assumes you use 50% and sell 50% of power)
So savings is 20 kw-hr × 12 = Rs 240/day

Payback = 1,000,000÷240= 4,167 days = 11.5 years

This assumes 100% generation for 365 days every year, no maintenance cost, no damage cost, no battery replacement, etc. and no change in WAPDA rates.

While SkyElectric quality looks OK, personally I would go for cheaper alternatives with 1 hour lead acid battery backup at 1/2 - 1/3 of Sky Electric price.

The higher cost being paid to Sky Electric could be used to instead augment panel capacity and generating more energy, hence resulting in decreased time to recoup investment.

Also, it will result in faster charging of batteries after load shedding.

OK. I am going for conventional Solar System with a Grid Tie solution of an installed solar capacity of 10 kWHr. I have opted for Solis 3P 12kW 4G Grid Tie inverter. Another option available in the market is Goodwe 25k DT unit. Both the inverters are being offered with 5 years warranty. What do the experts suggest?

Moreover, what should be the tilt angle for Solar Panels. All of the internet is advocating a tilt angle of near 60 degree from the vertical. Whereas, the Service Providers in Lahore are telling me that a near 20 degrees from vertical is the best angle we can get in Lahore, Pakistan.

Angle changes depending on location. A local installer would be able to better advise about exact angle.

Can you please share what is the cost breakup of your system?

My understanding is panels should face due South, and have tilt angle equal to latitude of city where panel is installed (about 25° for Karachi, 30° for Multan, 34° for Islamabad, etc.).

The angles mentioned above are from HORIZONTAL. To get angles from VERTICAL, subtract these angles from 90°, so Karachi becomes 90-25= 65° from vertical, Multan becomes 90-30=60° from vertical, and so on.

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Assalam o alaikum.
Please suggest good company for installation of netmetering setup in Karachi. 5Kw to 10 KW.

Also suggest 1)solar plates