Situation in Karachi

I am quite much tensed and depressed because of the situation of Karachi nowadays.

No area is safe from street crimes, murders, target killing and theft.

I am really depressed.

Guys please share your thoughts :)


I am really feeling myself and my family unsafe from these crimes.

Nothing new..

There is no such place as a safe place... mentally or physically or spiritually or religiously..

If not Karachi then your home or your relations or your studies or your job...

Problems are never ending..just enjoy the things you have now

Same, that is why we are moving back to Lahore. However the influencing political parties of Karachi want to establish themselves in Lahore as well , which will make Lahore an unsafe place to live as well.


I am very tensed. But we can do nothing :( :( ....... Really nothing.

Come to Dinga very safe environment no killings bombs crimes etc only problem is inflation rate is bit higher than some other cities

@Armada, i think it is a joke :)

How can a person living in Karachi live at Dinga :P . I mean he will not be able to live their in my opinion.


Then live in Karachi don't feel unsafe or afraid because Your death is in the hands of Allah and Allah is everywhere


The best remedy for my tension. You are a Man :)

Best remedy for tension, charas da sutta..... :D

lol :D:P

^ I know whats going on in Karachi (10 persons dying in each day) and you can say it now Mega hell instead of Mega city :P Get outta from there ASAP

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Get outta from there ASAP

ok i will get out ASAP, so can i move in to your house then.

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ok i will get out ASAP, so can i move in to your house then.


no offensive

^ come on,come up with something original. this is so kinder-garten. lol

Hahaha, this serious thread is going funny LOL :D