Sites of song lyrics blocked on PTCL!, - and some others that I've checked - are blocked on PTCL.

And what's worse - there's no place on PTA's website to complain against PTCL.

Does anyone know what's going on? I've also noticed these guys are using transparent proxy servers as well - which is messing up things too.

Why, oh why, does PTCL not get anything right? First it was shoes, now it's lyrics... le sigh.

(PS: I think I've seen someone mention this on WP, but for the love of me, can't seem to find it - so if someone does find a similar post/thread, please link it to this and lock this thread instead)

Actually it is not PTCL's fault. It's also blocked by Nayatel. Actually as a rule of thumb, anything blocked by any ISP in Pakistan will also be blocked by Nayatel. It's more like PTA's fault. I think you can see a pattern here. Someone mentioned that some radio streaming site was blocked and now the lyrics ones. I guess someone is anti western music in PTA and are using their personal opinions to block whatever they like.

Considering that cable channels such as BBC news were (are still?) blocked for probably telling the truth on a documentary that nobody wanted to watch anyways, while actual garbage such as Fox News is allowed (which is more anti Pakistan than BBC could ever be), I don't think you can expect anything reasonable from PTA. I think that even UAE has some sort of process for letting users submit a blocked website for review but nothing for PTA as far as I know other than a useless email address that probably nobody actually reads mails from.