Site Propakistani is giving me weird error messages

The famous Pakistani tech site is not opening for me for the past 15-20 days. It was giving me error "Firefox can't find the server at "".

After few days I cleared browser cache, cookies and everything and for one day the site started opening fine.

But just after one day when I open this site I get error message saying "Non-Existent Domain" and a search box appear. I don't enter anything in that search box because I don't know if it some malware of virus kind of thing or not.

Is that site opening fine for you all?

No problem here. Try a different browser.

Janay Jigger, I feel your pain.

Must be your browser problem.

No, its not browser issue because I tried it in Chrome too.. same result.

See the screenshot here

check your pc for malware. Those 2 search buttons are not in the right place.