Site Hacked by indians!

so as the topic name says, one of my website got hacked by some indians, the website was based on joomla and i took special care in security but dono how the hell they did it. they replaced my index.php file and placed a script.text file there too. following was the message on the site

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ReMeMbeR this Day BiTcHes??

aha.. hoW wudNt y0u

This Day oNLy u !@#$%'s g0t BeggaRs aLm fRoM India whIch u NaMed As PakisTan oOps PoRkiStaN

aNd aBt PaKistaN CYbeR spaCe NoThiNg is LeFt actuaLLy lol..

99% Porkie government sites aRe Hacked 2-3 times

y0uR CouNtRy is aLso goNe in Hands of TaLiBaN...

in NeXt YeaRs FAIL governMeNt couNt y0uR COuNtry wiLL Be placed @ NO.1 if it reMaiNs on WoRLd Map :P

tHis is JusT a saMpLe of wHat we caN do to y0u wiTH ouR Power if y0u doNt sTop aNti-iNdiAn activities then we'll Prolay your IT infrastructure into Pieces and your webmasters will be kickedout

if u stiLL continue theN get ready to see

rm -rf Pakistan from Cyber space

aNythng f0r India

We aRe: -[siLeNtp0is0n]- , strangeR , inX_rOot , NEO H4cK3R , Darkl00k , G00g!3 W@rr!0r , co0Lt04d , ATUL DWIVEDI , Jackh4xor , striker , th3 RDX , inject0r , T4uRu5_SysTem32


GreeTz : HackMypc Lucky Team Indishell , IW and ALL iNdiaN H4xoRs


Maa Tujhe SALAM


never ever has any of my sites been hacked or tampered. this is the 1st time. so i urge my !@#$ fellows if any one of u is expert in web security to contact me.

also if there is some expert hacker here on forum or known to anyone, plz for the love of ur country response back to them.

alrite me goes off to find out how they got In.

^ can you share your domain name ? or PM me ?

^ i just sent u a message, did u received it ?

[quote=", post:, topic:"]

^ i just sent u a message, did u received it ?

yeah got it, Looks like you have backed up index.php.

yeah i restored it, i can send u the files they placed if u want it !!

Bunch of script kiddies :P

there is a chance that they got your cpanel user pass so clean your PC and if you are running a forum look for hidden admin accounts !

everything else is safe, i just wana know how they got in my site. unless i know that it can be defaced again.

btw this is the youtube video link of the hacking news of vijay malia website.

Check all your logs (Raw. Awstats etc) to see the last visitors and IPs which accessed your website before it got defaced, then see all of the pages/directories they accessed before that. On top of this you can check if there are any open ports on your server for whatever reason, or more importantly if it is running an unpatched software

why u r not sharing your domin openly is there any scret or any thing personal on your webiste i also want to c your domain will u please tell me?

^ y would i share it to public, it may still have vulnerabilities and become an easy target for hackers.