Since when Windows OS and touch input split their ways?

There are Andriod/iOs tablets around every nook corner of the western markets. However windows OS is always criticized for not being touch friendly?

Is this just a Andriod/iOS monopoly to keep the MS giant behind on purpose. They want to keep the desktop/Laptop OS's separated on purpose so that everyone do not shift to tablets from PC. Thye make money off both PC's and tablets.

What makes Windows that bad on touch devices? There are a zillion software/Apps for windows already.. yet no one makes a windows tablet?

I guess that is because Windows 7 is not optimized for touch. There are dozens of small menus and buttons to click through. Also its not as fast as other tablet optimized OSes such as Honeycomb and iOS. I really wonder why didn't Microsoft use Windows Phone 7 interface to make a tablet. Its super fast and very clean.