Since 3 months Getting higher pings... and variation in download and upload speed in 4m dsl :-(

I m getting different speeds on different servers on speedtest in karachi and also variation in pings .from worldcall karachi server i usually recieve ping=250ms+ , 3.3mb down and 0.31 up mas 0.38. On qubee the result is same but on mobilink gsm server results are much better like 3.5mb down and 0.75 up and ping is always less than 100ms why is that so ?? also if this already happenning to all karachi 4mb users or only me facing these issued these dayzz ........ :-(

The browsing experience is gone to #$%#, I cant even explain how painful it is to pay the 3000 per month dues as I dont currently have a job and rely on what little money I have saved.

I wish I could find a solution to this , as these morons seem they could care less about the quality and customer satisfaction. The only solution is to go ahead and disconnect this piece of junk, but what other alternative we have, they have the monopoly on the entire country at this moment.

This is called traffic engineering.

Technically they do slow down the speed intentionally because if they don’t then they would have to pay a lot for the traffic on the international links. This is how it works globally.

Besides this on the positive side think once for paying 6000 + taxes for 4mb connection.

These people are one of us belongs to the same society as we do.

At last i would want to make another point here that yes they do have the monopoly because no one else would want to invest a very heavy amount to compete with PTCL.
We have seen the examples like wateen and linkdotnet.

Forgot to add :

I have the 4mb connection and share the same pain.