Simple Setup for DC fan and light

Dear WP fellows,

Currently I have a generator to tackle load-shedding but for a few days due to low gas pressure, i am unable to run the generator at night (specially in peak hours). Therefore planning to make a simple DC setup to run two DC fans and a DC saver light in a way that one session must last for at-least 3 consecutive hours.


Now please guide.

Is this setup OK, any improvement you suggest?

  • Battery and charger suggestion for above setup.
  • how to control over charging?

Thanks in advance.

setup is ok i think , if u r concern about overcharging then buy a sophisticated charger for this purpose , OR control this manually , thats not hard . u will have n idea that if u run all the fans / bulbs for X hours then how many hours u need to charge the battery .

normally the 56 inches ceiling dc fan need 4.5 amps on 12 volts and table fans need 2 to 3 amps . so a small 45 to 55 amps battery (Lead acid wet battery) is ok for this . and a 10amps charger is also ok ,

plz note i dont know the interval of the loadshedding in your area , if the interval is more than 4 to 5 hours then it is ok otherwise u will need a bigger charger (may be) .