SIM Registration Message from ZONG

I am getting message from +92789000000001 that on my NIC 03142206759 registered press Y for confirmation, whereas I did not register this this sim. further I have getting continues this message from +92789000000002, +92789000000003 mobie no 03142206758,03142206760 are registered on my NIC.

Anyone getting this sort of message from Zong ??

I try to contact with Zong Customer Care but did not get any feedback.

First check number of SIMs registered on your cnic (668 or

If information mismatch with your actual quantity, pay a visit at ZONG customer center and ask them to remove the same. This is the only way to remove/ block irrelevant SIMs against your CNIC.

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I try to contact with Zong Customer Care but did not get any feedback.


What do you mean by "did not get any feedback"?

Did they not pick up the phone or they didn't answer you satisfactory?

I also suggest to do what @Shafiq told you. Do not take this lightly, just make sure you have removed all extra SIMs from your NIC.

They did not pick up the phone even not connecting on live chat, but I have leave message on live chat.

Further I have checked there is no extra sim on my nic from

But its strange that continue mobile nos 03142206759,03142206758,03142206760 are trying to register on my nic means this re-verification is useless ?

I guess you should visit the nearest Zong franchise and tell them about it, they can tell you why you're getting such messages.

But before visiting franchise I think you should try contacting their helpline again and again because there is too much crowd in franchises these days so probably they will not give you much time.


for your future safety, NEVER EVER EVER EVER post your personal details and phone n or id card anywhere on the net.. you can simply use *** to hide the end 4 5 digits instead of posting full number.. even if these sims are not in your name, you should still not post phones on net.

just fir your own safety.

@farhan_ds thanks for your good suggestion, but the no I posted it is not mine.