SIM blocked twice verified


My Telenor SIM is blocked even it was twice verified. Bad thing was that no recipt issued after verification, so one can't claim that I had verified. Has any one else unblocked his blocked SIM after reverification? Do i will get new SIM or my old SIM will be activated after third verification?



Didn't you receive any confirmation message on your mobile upon verification?

visit nearest CSC and get it re-active (they will verify your credentials off-course)


They said the phone numbers of those who had failed to get their SIMs verified through the biometric system would not be allotted to anyone else. “They can get their mobile phone numbers unblocked by visiting the customer service centres of the operators concerned during the next six months,” they said, adding that a helpline for the blocked SIMs would remain open during the period. "" Dawn 14-apr-2015