Signature images - To be or not to be?

Ahmsun sent a message via PM:

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PLease disable the pics in the signatures, or atleast set a si\e limit to smaller ones, like 90x180 or something small but rectangular. PLease the forum's looks suck with these pic signatures.

i hope you'll notice the problem i pointed at.



I think this merits further discussion since some member(s) are using pics which are as wide (vertically) as their post content, in some instances.

Not only does it add clutter, it increases the time the page takes to load when multiple members are using large images in sig.

What should be done about this? Get rid of it altogether or limit it to a smaller rectangular size?

And as can be seen, members have been expressing concern on in the threads and privately via PM. We do need to take a formal stance on this and amend the rules accordingly.

Anyone visiting here looking in on forum related issues?