Shutter Island (The Film): What do you get?

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Yes! ofcourse the film is really supposed for many to be a spoiler.

I, instead, appreciate he asked such a simple question that he couldn't get some thing a point.

Which I believe, for sure, many of us have drawn various points out of the story. and I think can be discussed at some extent. so I think rather harassing others there should be clear understanding. And here is what I understand.

there is a very bit difference in the novel and the film story. And that exactly is the very last dialog delivered by the Andrew(Teddy) in the film

"what would be the worse? To live as a monster..... or to die as a good man..." it actually shows not only to the audience but as well to the Dr. Sheehan (Chuck) that it reflects not the sign of him to be still a mad. It does show that the treatment was successful. That alerted Dr. Sheehan and upon calling him Teddy, he didn't get a response back from him.

you should try to get the point when Dr. Sheehan called him as Teddy after the above dialog, He didn't reacted or responded back. In a good directed film these indications are to show the reality behind the scene. but I know it's hard for many of the audience to get these points.

The difference from the novel is always needed to put in a Film to make it just simple in the audience's mind not to get disturbed because the Andrew(Teddy) was the lead role and it would have been really disturbing when some lead role got an end like that e.g. being killed, murdered, or being still crazy.. etc..

The films are meant to entertain people so it's good to change the story at a level that audience could easily accept that.

Finally the Film was really a good. you can say it perfect suspense, if you are not familiar with the novel.

There would be rare individuals who could say that they got the idea what would be there at the end of the film.

The last dialog is

Is it better to live like a monster or die a good man

i think this movie was an April fool....... director tried to make people fool :P

well i saw the last scene again... you see after teddy says in last scene

" Get back to the mainland.. whatever the hell is going on here. it's bad"......

after that the Dr. Sheehan( chuk ) nodded his head in negative to other doctors.....

so what i get is that yes Teddy was actually mad, he admitted the reality in light house..... but after some time he once again forgot every thing and said above line....... and after listening that Dr. Sheehan given signal to the other doctors that our try/treatment was NOT successful.......

this is what i get....

So do you guys agree with me na ????

^ You got it pretty well, believe me :)

that's all correct to think till this part of the scene (you talked about). that Dr. Sheehan just got disappointed when he noticed his failure upon seeing Teddy back in his mission. So that Dr. Sheehan signaled in negative to other doctors. And they ordered the the last solution the surgery

But this was a disappointment to see a lead role ending this way. (This was actually like that in the Novel)

Yes till now it was acceptable that the Andrew had again got back with the Teddy's mind. and it was sorry to see him again mad.

But the later part was another twist when Andrew did show his actual mind of a good man when saying "what would be the worse? To live as a monster..... or to die as a good man"

This was what, I believe, to show him a normal good man (Andrew) rather than the man insane (Teddy). And he might have accepted the surgery willingly to make his mind free of all this bad memories.

Otherwise he wouldn't have accepted the surgery just like that being insane.

As well you see how Dr. Sheehan noticed again getting his head up, when Andrew(Teddy) said the very last dialog.

However there really is a confusion in the story. that's why it's called the Spoiler. You can not just say you are right about the fact. Most of the people mostly reject such stories.

i think he wasn't mad at was the food and cigerates which gave him those was all a setup to capture such a brilliant mind.....but the ending is somthing i wasn't expecting...he might have somewhat escaped from surgeory(if another part expected) and may have joined the doc he met in cave....and may start a conspiricy against these louzy docs....or he may have gone for the surgeory and tht lady doc. in the cave may have rescued him.....but i think Marshal is NOT at all mad...he is damn fine!

its like a puzzle but master piece

Mamah this movie has made me psycho.


I watched the movie, and I dont know why most of you guys couldnt get that he chose to stay mental cuz he didnt want to live knowing that he killed his own family ("Is it better to live like a monster" ).

Lobotomizing his brain would make him forget his pain, and he might give peace to others and save them from himself as well ("or die a good man").


5.5/10 Quite effed up & slow & boring most of the time, not entertaining enough, overrated IMO...

^^^for sure, if you dont like these kind of brain teasing movies,

2nd: the movie is not over rated at all, it is the only movie of its own type....

however the movie is tagged as spoiler alert by many of viewers...

in my opinion this is a good movie. not tooo much entertaining but NOT boring at ALL....

IMO 8/10

choice apni apni :)

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Mamah this movie has made me psycho.

You wanna get real psycho? watch “memento”… the original to the indian copy “gajni”…

Yeah i'll surely watch it. :D

Its momento

the most scary movie i seen!


SCARY?? LoL!!!!!

lol KA, you got the last dialog wrong twice.

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