Shoutout to all the old-school WP members!

Hey everyone. I was just browsing through my bookmarks & decided to revisit this once great forum.

Leave a comment here if you see this. Let’s have a conversation & reminisce the old times.

@Shoukat @Faisal @armada @jDK @Asad @Koder @MrKamran @farhan_ds @Ahmsun @deffury

And anyone who i forgot to mention.

Let’s Make WiredPakistan Great Again! :sunglasses:


Boy oh Boy! logged in after a long time, showing love via a like is not enough for something like this, there should be Hug option! Bro! u rock!
Also you forgot @sheikh_chilli his uniqueness remains.
It all came back as if it was yesterday, the useless tussles you and me had!

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Also dont remember his name but the guy who used to have “Mastana”'s pic as his DP. he was also great guy. That time was around 8-10years ago. we are old! :joy: :joy: :joy:

Yeah, Sheikh was cool too. :slight_smile:

Remember the diss wars we used to have? You, me, Farhan_ds, Faisal & Armada were usually always pulling each others legs. Those were fun times. It’s been a decade since. Time flew by. :upside_down_face:

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It seems like most of the old members don’t hang around here anymore, or rarely do.

Most of them have probably gotten too busy to spare some time for online forums. I guess we won’t get to see their replies.

Still, it was nice to see your reply Ahmsun. I’m sure we’ll see a reply from Asad & at least one other member listed above.

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Dang! I thought if a bunch of us gathered around, then maybe we could host a meetup. I guess that’s out of the question.

BTW, if any of the old-school guys are looking for nostalgia, then take a look around this thread. Plenty of funny conversations in there. Good old times.


Those long conversations! Damn it! Now reading them feel so lame! :joy::joy::joy:
Life gets busier everyday, it seems hard to have a meetup.



ASA to everybody on WP these days. What are you old timers
going on about ?. Actually whoever wasn’t on here when we used
to rail against SuperNet and CyberNet dialup service and prices
is a spring chicken. :stuck_out_tongue:

I guess I stopped logging in every 5 minutes when this forum
lost it’s focus and became a chooN chooN ka murabba .At
one time it used to feature real estate ads! :laughing:

Nice to see familiar faces. People who guided aqal sey paiDal
folks like me. This forum was a great asset and it could still be
the “go to” place for information and bon homme. No amount
of social media platforms can mar the facility & utility of a forum
where detailed, directed and serious discussion can be had
(along with flame wars between that guy ProPakistani and the
rest of the members :slightly_smiling_face: )

Sheikh ‘Will Never Retire Like Mohd Amir’ Chilli


^ Nice to see you Sheikh. You still type the same way as old times. Those iconic Chilli paragraphs.

Wish you all a very happy new year! I hope wherever you are, you’re doing well, and you will continue to do so. Cheers!

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Walaikum Salam!

Nice to see this thread. And a happy new year to everyone!

This forum holds a special place for all the fun we used to have.

I still check in but just not as frequently. Still get to clean up spam so don’t forget to report if any rotten posts found.


Ah! Good ole times.

WP will always hold a special place in my heart, I do sometimes visit back from time to time.

Nice to see @sheikh_chilli still around with his peculiar way of replying. Always enjoyed reading his posts.

Whenever someone say “Hey, have your heard about Bitcoins?” I always feel like sending them a link to this thread :smiley:


if i were u i would’ve got a plot in DHA by now! D those bitcoins! :joy: :joy: :joy:

Good Old days… Maybe we all got tired of spam posts AS WELL AS reduced activity from members AS WELL AS going on with our professional lives…

@Upsilon… Hashtag MWPGA