Should there be an Electronics forum/subforum on WiredPakistan?

Carrying on from the suggestion from and Ijaz Ahmed in the linked thread, do you think WP should have an electronics related forum.

Please vote in the poll attached to this thread to make your opinion known. Any other input, comment or suggestion related to this thread/poll can be posted in this thread.

If voting 'No', please explain the reasoning behind it.

Yes there must be!!! cuz it will help other ppl to know/discover more features on their electronic related devises and also we have here great talent in UPSs but downside is these electro boyz (suggesters) do not make tutorial for ease

yes i support.

Yes I can help a bit but not in designing :)

That would indeed be a great addition to existing forums, and I am willing to offer help to those who need it.

That should be labeled as ''Engineering Section'', or give some other appropriate title to cover all types of engineering. A section for banking/accounting/laws related queries, medical help is also advisable.

I agree, otherwise "Electronics" is going to attract consumer issues - because a lot of people equate gadgets with electronics.

Nah....not too many Electronics discussions around.....just search the forum and you will find very few discussions

Yes, Ijaz Ahmed FTW!! :)

Please do. Make sub section for types of products.

[quote=“deffury, post:8, topic:15906”]

Nah…not too many Electronics discussions around…just search the forum and you will find very few discussions
[/quote]If we create a forum, there will be many to discuss it.

Right now people don’t find any suitable section here for such discussion.

Only 21 votes yet? :wacko:

^ Only? :rolleyes:

[quote=“Asad, post:12, topic:15906”]

Only 21 votes yet? :wacko:


Well, that’s how much WP’s active population is. :P

I voted for the second option.

Yes, Indeed!

@ Asad_N: Why 'no'?

I would also like to help which needs it and we can also introduce small circuits for newbies to understand basic functions.

Yes, there must be. but I don't have the knowledge to help members.

[quote=“Asad, post:16, topic:15906”]

@ Asad_N: Why ‘no’?


Not too many discussions around the subject. General tech serves it just fine.

Hmmm... 26:2 (28) ^_^