Should pakistan go to war with india or Afghanistan

I think not.pakistan should not go to war with any country.because The times have changed.Present times are not the times of the ancients.Nor is it early 1900.In America Scientists are trying to create faster than the speed of light aircrafts/planes/engines.Just look at sweden,Denmark,singapore,Finland,Switzerland,etc.These countries are the most prosperous of the world.Did these countries fought wars like world war 1 or world war 2,NOT.These countries didnt fight wars to become Rich.They are Rich because of their efforts,Minds,Wisdom,hard Work,Fearlessness.Pakistanis also have these qualities but there are lack of leaders to show pakistanis the path to success and become richest nation of the world not only Rich by money but Rich by philosophy,science,medicine,literature etc,etc,.There are also foreign infiltrations thats coming in pakistan,and these are not only from india but also from iran,afghanistan and other countries.Being foreighners,they have no respect for Our country.

I cannot think of any reason why Pakistan should go to war with any country or for any other country to go to war except Palestinians attacking Israel!