Should I upgrade My Device?


I am getting problem with PTCL, browsing speed and downloading speed is very low.

Here is my detail

I am just putting the link, I am getting error in uploading image here.

My PTCL Device is ZXDSL 831CII should I upgrade to new one?

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your stats shows there is some problem with your telephone line

Your DS Margin is way too low for 1MB DS & Latency Type is Interleaved too, rest seems good to me

See My Stats:

ADSL Mode Setup Auto Sync-Up

Annex Type Setup ANNEX A/L

Current ADSL Mode ADSL2 PLUS

Current Annex State ANNEX_A

ADSL Up Time 4:33:48

System Up Time 4:34:37

Downstream Rate 4608

Upstream Rate 1092

Latency Type Fast

Line Coding trellis on

SNR Margin US/DS 10.1 / 21.8

Line Attenuation US/DS 22.4 / 42.0

Power US/DS 12.3 / 0.0

Attainable Down Speed 14300

Link Up Times 1

Line State Showtime

4MB DS wih DS Margin of 21 & Latecny Type is Fast

your profile is set to 4MB connection - if you on 1MB line then change the profile to 1MB as it will improve the SNR.