Should i invest in dha islamabad?

I have reached pakistan from uk few months back and before i return to UK i am planning to invest in property in Islamabad Pakistan. I have read about DHA Islamabad on many sites like and and i decided to invest there. I think that DHA Islamabad had many facilities which are lacking in rest of Pakistan. So please tell me your comments or suggestions that should i invest in DHA and if yes than which phase is better investment point

Also is there any chances of increase in prices of plots of dha

with million times better investment opportunities in UK, then why you wanna invest in Pakistan for personal profits?

I would prefer Bahria Town, It is next to DHA and they have quite amazing infrastructure developed by themselves there.

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with million times better investment opportunities in UK, then why you wanna invest in Pakistan for personal profits?

Cuz it takes million times more investment than Pakiland

No homework required, my cousins and other relatives in the UK have already told me to invest in Pakiland, as property is a risky business there..

Also if you are so afraid of Qabza group then why not invest in Schemes available through the army (DHA).

I already own two plots in Karachi, both at cheap prices and close to the new Navy areas/colonies..

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the UK OP can get property in 20% down and he can get mortgage for remaining 80% for 15 to 30 years, laws are enforced in UK so buyer and seller and also landlord and tenant are all fairly and justly protected. in case of rental property OP can rent the place and with rent collected he can pay off the monthly mortgage and taxes and keep the remaining as profit, in other words he builds equity for himself paid by the renter.

Even the 20 percent payment is way more than making a investment in Pakistan with full payment. Other than that if you own a property in the UK you have to pay the hefty Council Tax and then you may the real estate agent who manages your place + costs of maintaining your investment, remember houses there need furniture and electrical appliances being replaced every couple of years or so. It is quite complicated than you think it is.

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I am based in Pakistan so I have no choice but to invest in Pakistan since i don’t have access to UK real estate, if i buy plot as investment then there is local qabza groups, could be same plot sold to 3 - 4 other guys.

You may be accusing someone not doing their homework but I would like to tell you that schemes like DHA/Bahria Town have a proper system in place with clean buying and selling rules, and they keep everything in record.

While it is quite rare you will get dodged by someone, unless you are dumb yourself.

Lols at this whole thread! I just found it funny.

well my suggestion to the OP is to invest in DHA Lahore if you really mean investing. It is way better than Double Shah.

well again DHA, Bahria or other schemes are better left at people like me to invest in pakistan who got no other alternative to invest outside pakistan. so i have no choice other than to take my chances in pakistan

but i will seriously advise to not to invest in pakistan who are lucky enough to be in USA, Canada or UK, your respective home countries provide so much rock solid financial instruments to invest in, so why the hell you wanna leave all those opportunities and invest in some totally financially bankrupt country like pakistan, as the saying goes fool and his money soon part.

It's a bankrupt country and not so stable for investment but still our own, if our own living abroad don't invest then it will be all over.

^ Exactly, and when there are people like tariqfurqan discouraging others to invest in Pakistan I wonder what the future holds.

Pakistan is not the only bankrupt country, even America owes a lot to the IMF. Which includes 900 Billion to China, 800B to Japan, 230B to the UK and many more

Let's stick to the topic, shall we?

Investment in property is usually good but there hasn't been a significant increase in land prices around Islamabad unlike the sudden boom in Mush era.

i simply say

yes brother u should buy in dha

^ What made you reply in a 2 month old thread?

Lolz, still wondering if the OP has invested in DHA or not.

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Lolz, still wondering if the OP has invested in DHA or not.


In most of the cases, OPs disappear. :(


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