Should I Get Qubee 1 MBPS or PTCL?

Should I Get Qubee 1 MBPS or PTCL?? anyone using Qubee tell his experience please?

Kindly reply anyone yar??? i have to get one Qubee or PTCL.

Depends on your needs and the condition of your phone line.

Need Unlimited Internet with no data caps = PTCL

Have a bad phone line = Qubee or Wi Tribe


It depends on what kind of a user you are and how good your line stats are...

1. If you are a heavy downloader or torrent user go for PTCL.. because Qubee has data limits, even their so called 'unlimited' package is capped at 30 GB... and its EXPENSIVE. 2M PTCL DSL =1M Qubee unlimited=1499/=

2. If you have a bad line quality and you are a very light internet user, PTCL DSL is gonna be a huge pain, so better avoid it... go for Qubee.

Wimax is only an option for those people who can't have DSl because of their poor line quality ... plus its expensive and capped... while Dsl is not...

Keep these things in mind and go for what suits you best. :)

If your Phone line is good, go for PTCL

He must be asking about PTCL EVO!

U should go for PTCL as they have no download limit...

if you have gud land line then definitely go for PTCL else PTCL EVO and then maybe Qubee or wi-tribe.!

qubee also have no cap i think .