Shopping experience at TechnoCity

Guys i would like to share an experience that I had at TechnoCity. A friend of mine wanted to buy a laptop to stay in touch with his family since he is going outside soon. So he asked me to go alongwith him to help. We browsed a lot of shops and finally we found a decent laptop(a Dell D610) i think for around 15k. It had good finishing and in top notch condition. When we asked the shopkeeper about the battery time, he said i guarantee its around 1.5 hours and the battery meter on Windows XP also showed that 1 hour and 40 minutes were remaining. We had almost decided to buy it, but i wanted to check if WiFi worked in the laptop so i asked him to give me password of his Wifi network. So i connected to Wi Fi and started surfing website to check the performance of the laptop in general and all of sudden BAM! the battery goes down to 5 minutes and the laptop started showing low battery indicator. At this moment the shopkeeper was practically "speechless" and didn't even talk for some minutes as he was "caught in the act"!! :)

I urge you to beware of such swindlers and check laptops thoroughly before you buy.

Yes Wifi and 3G networks consumes battery life very rapidly so this is the nice idea/trick to check devices before buy :rolleyes:

Thanks for the heads up mate :)

Playing a video from CD is also a good load because it activates the CD drive and amplifier / speakers.

If the battery indicator says 1 hour 40 minutes in idle condition then the battery time is shorter than that when you start doing stuff. 610 is quite old machine, I got myself a 620 last month and it has 1 to 1.5 hours battery time. These second hand laptops are not known for their battery time, you can get a decent machine and if you are lucky a bearable battery time. But you will most likely have to fork out extra cash for a replacement bigger battery if you want some serious action.

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Np, mate.

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Yeah, thats a good idea too.

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I said that to my friend as well. But he was freaked out after that experience so he said he will buy a new laptop instead.

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Yes Wifi and 3G networks consumes battery life very rapidly so this is the nice idea/trick to check devices before buy :rolleyes:


Thanks for the information… :rolleyes:

15,000 rupees is close to 200 dollars - at that price you can get a pretty good netbook abroad...

Depends on whats decent . Brand new wont cost less than 20k

dumb heading,

- its an act of individual shop there so you should have named the shop you interacted with. and not tarnish the techno city reputation as whole since there are more than 100 plus shops there.

- secondly you are talking about at least 3 1/2 tr 4 years old laptop, what did you expect that it would give you 6 hours, even in brand new laptop batteries almost die out after 1 year regular use, so its no brainer and expected thing that battery will suck, thats why on laptops its the most easily detachable part since it needs to be replaced with new one at least 2 to 3 times at the over all life of given laptop unless one chooses to run it on ac outlet only.

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Really? Dumb Heading? What should i have written then? Shopping experience in Pakistan?? Lol. Dude I forgot about the name of the shop otherwise would have surely written it. And did i really say that people should be aware of shopping at Techno City??

Secondly, its not about how old is the laptop. Its more about being aware of shopkeepers who lie and checking everything properly before you buy. The shopkeeper was saying that i "guarantee" that it will run 1.5 hours. So he was lying and had even no idea about the actual lifetime of the laptop battery. The post was meant to be helpful and not target Technocity in particular.