Shoppi - Travel from Home and Shop like a Local

Shop like a Local

Shoppi is the App to help you to explore cities worldwide like a local and from the comfort of your home. You can change the city and get an updated feed with ongoing information, products and local tips in your language.

Some scenarios where Shoppi can be useful:
:airplane: #1 Are you planning a trip to a new city? Not a problem - use the passport feature and explore the city like a local without leaving your home.
:open_umbrella: #2 Is it a rainy, lazy day? Shoppi offers ongoing entertainment - you can see videos, updates, and pics from the comfort of your home.
:alarm_clock: #3 Do you need a reminder? It’s frequent to search for things that you want to buy later - Shoppi will remind you about those using your search history.

Embrace the culture of your next destination
We help you to experience the culture by using tailored visual information when you are on the moving, virtually or not, feel free to explore thousands of cities worldwide, and, connect with most unique products and experiences.

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