Shopkeeper Offering Wingle USB with 1200 PM and Unlimited Bandwidth, HOW?

Today I asked a shopkeeper in my area about the price of the wingle device, he said 2,000 but if you buy I can lower the price to 1,800 because I want to finish the stock.

When I asked what package will I get, he said its 1200 per month and with "Unlimited" bandwidth.

I said on the PTCL website the 1500 per month package is mentioned as 20 GB limit, he said those are old rates and this one is "Azadi Offer" USB which comes with unlimited bandwidth.

Is he lying just to sell his device or it is true?

Some of my other friends also bought the wingle device and got the package of 1200 per month with 30GB bandwidth.

Please clarify me?

I bought azadi package 30gb 1200 per month for 2000. Its not unlimited.

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Is it possible that I buy the device now but later I activate the "Azadi Package" on it?

Because I have already paid for 4 months to Wateen.

I was told that this offer, bandwidth and price is valid for 12 months i.e., Aug to Aug. Will it be worth it if you use it after 4 more months for only 6 months

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Dear Jani,

30GB is not called bandwidth. It's data usage limit.

Bandwidth is just speed of your internet connection. For example, the bandwidth of wingle will be 9.3 Mb/s (read as Mega bits per second)