Shiro Modem

dear i have a shiro modem with 1mb student pakage

in my system of dsl confuguration it is showing the downlink speed 1024 and uplink is 256 is it ok or wrong

and do the router company effect the speed as i have shiro some one other has zte is there any differnce

Your downlink and uplink stream are fine.

Are you getting 1MB speed in downloads?

It does not make a difference in speed if you have different modems, but shiro is not a quality modem (but it will not effect your speed).

when i request the modem at that time shiro is new so now what i do now i am having an other prob

when the lite goes off and when the lite comes then it does not work correctly means its dsl lite not start or after some time it goes off or nor ethernet lite is blinking if some time i off the modem after some time again same problem and some time it works and when it works then thers is no any problem it runs smoothly so what is this problem if u have any idea

Post your ADSL stats here.

Usually these kind of problems do happen in Shiro, as they are crappy modems. You may want to complain and get it replaced.

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can i replace the modem with some other company

and whioch statsu u are asking

dear i have the problem that when the lite is gone after then the lite comes the router doesnot works its ethernet and dsl lites didnt works or some time dsl of ethernet on ethernet of dsl on so this thing is happening

and otherwise no problem when it start works then it is working properly

Your ADSL States SNR and Line Attenuation.

You can complain to PTCL and get your modem replaced, if the problem is with your modem.

hm would it cost for replacemetnt

i have used almost 2 years

Yeah I think it will cost money, as they replace it for free within one year, but after that they charge money.

they are giving me at the rate of 1500 the zxdsl 831CII of zte isit a fine modem

Yeah I have it, it's ok but the best modem I think is Huawei HG510. Try to get that one.

shiro sucks go for zte

Complain to PTA about faulty modem, they will get you replace your modem for free! :P

free hehee i almost used about more than a year now they are charging