Shipping Laptop for repair FROM PAK to US

Hey guys!

Help please! I am in need of sending my US bought laptop back to the US for repair. It came to me through USPS/Pak post which I was ok with because USPS pushed Pak Post to deliver it to me. However now when I send it back FROM PAK to US I do not want to use Pak post, so who should I use?

TCS? Another company? Anyone with experiences?

How much does it cose for a 2-3 kg aka 4-5 pound laptop? Is there insurance available? and How reliable is the service to be delivered to USA without getting lost or damaged?

PLEASE ADVISE as I need to ship for repair ASAP..


Is it for warranty claim or just repair ?

Sending out electronic items from Pakistan to outside (especially USA) has some restrictions, AFAIK.

You might need RMA from the Laptop manufacturer, if it is a warranty claim.

Cost should be around 5-7 thousand rupees.