Sherdil on ARY

Unlike Wilco of PTV, ARY is airing a first class Air-Force drama serial Sherdil. First episode aired on Saturday 08th March at 09:00 p.m Pakistan Time.

Some plus of this serial are artistic cinematography, 35mm look, fine operational details, one-point clear story-line equipped with popular emotional theme, superb soundtrack and above all ‘friendly face of forces’.

Filming of free-fall during Free-Fall by another Para-shooter cum cameraman was amazing. For sure it was done by a PAF Jawan but filming from these angles is new in Pakistan.

In the first episode story started to buildup and soon we will see an interesting team of dedicated pilots engaging in difficult operations like once happened in Alpha Bravo Charlie. Interestingly it looks like team will have a female pilot also.

Apart from Mirages & F16s, would there be JF-17 also? Not sure if writer added this character too ;) Anyways writer is Amjad Islam Amjad.

A must watch drama.

Watch promo here

(Edit 01:updated link on youtube)

The women hate it :) Won't let the men touch the remote ;)

Such shows should be made available via torrents.

Anybody is watching Sherdil. Please update about the story and the cast.