Share your Wi-Fi Names

Just a random topic into my mind so thought about creating a topic for.

Share your wi-fi names here with the reason why you chose it?. Mine is currently "Micronet" because i use Micronet Broadband.

Your Avatar implies that you want to steal wifi bandwidth!

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Your Avatar implies that you want to steal wifi bandwidth!


Lol no!

Admin-pc-network... my brother named it i guess.

Mine is simple... Wateen :)

Feel free to steal my bandwidth anytime cause its your....


FBI-SurveillanceVan-415 , connect this, bit*h!

^Will be glad to connect or even brute force it. As long as this WiFi is in Pakistan. ;)

And next post should be "share your wifi passwords" :D

^Why would anyone hesitate? Here is mine: ******************

Nigga Go Get Your Own WiFi :D

Home Wifi: SkyNet

Mobile Hotspot: NCC-1701

325r, its my home number

"WatMAX 5dBi"

Wat: First three characters in word "Wateen"

MAX: Last three character in word "WiMAX"

5dBi for router antenna.


Mine are PTCL-BB and Upper Portion :D
Password : *****************(hint : Wrestling-Related)

Mine is (Peer Sab)

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created various wifi names over the years

  • Kofi-chachu
  • DarthMaulMauls
  • Sub-0
  • Tera-Bap-Ka-Nahi-Hai
  • Bete-Dosre-Wifi-Se-Connectker
  • NuswariWifi
  • SaleemWifi-Ka-Baap (neighbors wifi name was SaleemWifi)

and many many others that I dont remember....

What are the chances of getting sued over a ... objectionable WiFi name?

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Nigga Go Get Your Own WiFi :D


you livein lahore... .... ....