Share your latest fav song

Please share your latest favorite music, preferably with youtube link.

Its 'Heartbreaker' by Enrique Iglesias.

Never mind but there are already so many threads on the same topic :)

check this out Nothin gonna change my love for you...

listen it 3-4 times then it will gradually get down to your heart then soul...



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somebody to love by jimm carrey in the movie

the cable guy

great sample too. I do like I Think I Can, especially near the end with the guitar outro that gets all psychedelic. I'd have to say Graze and On a Highway are my favorites right now. But this EP really grows on you.

i thank you by zz Top

My latest favorite song is ....

Aye aye aye aye aye aye aye aye

Me plus you (I'ma tell you one time)

When I met you girl my heart went knock knock

Now them butterflies in my stomach wont stop stop

And even though its a struggle love is all we got

So we gon' keep keep climbin' till the mountain top

Your world is my world

And my fight is your fight

My breath is your breath

And your heart (and now I've got my)



Edward Maya - Stereo Love