Share your 3G/4G SpeedTest Results

Well, title speaks itself. Make sure to mention your mobile network(s) along with the result(s).

Provide location of the area where you performed the test as well, if possible.

Here's the official OOKLA Speedtest app links:

Android | iOS | Windows Phone

You can either use the builtin share option or simply take a screenshot like me.


I'll begin

(sorry about the volume control, but the result itself is visible)

Network: Telenor

Location: Around Safari Park

Telenor. This was taken in Phase 4, Bahria Town Rwp (near Arena).

Also, you can see how Speedtest’s figures are lower. That’s cause they strip off the top and lower values (the peaks and troughs) to give you an average speed - but you can see in the status bar what the actual download speed was.

Also, this was the first time I saw this speed on my phone - I usually hit between 1.5 and 2 downstream.

My lowest ping has been this:

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Carrier: Mobilink

Location: Fazl-ul-Haq Road (between Shaheed-e-Millat Rd. and 7th Avenue) , Blue Area, Islamabad.


Network: ufone North Nazimabad Near Imam Clinic Five Star Roundabout

Signal fluctuations
Between H and H+
Make difference in speed

Cell Broadcast
Feature isn’t working with

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Test Site:

Method: PC via USB Tethering

Location: Islamabad




The low speed one was while i was around 80km/h on university road and fast speed one was in saddar Peshawar.

Network Mobilink postpay.

Carrier: Mobilink

City: Islamabad

Location: F7 Markaz (in front of Gourmet Bakers


Carrier: Mobilink

City: Islamabad

Location: F6 Markaz (Caltex Station F6 on Aga Khan Road)


Here's Mobilink 3G trial near Maria Luxury Apartments (not my SIM):


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Zong 3G near Maria Luxury Apartments

As you can see, the signal was very low so the result is kind of expectable.

Mobilink 3G North Karachi Near Power House

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Zong 3g North Karachi

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No love for Mobilink? People say that their 3G speeds have degraded on Mobilink.

I agree
Same here
3G is speed is almost the same as Edge/2G

Speedtest, please? Also, the PTCL server is messed up, so use another server.

Mobilink yesterday at F 11/2, its always 2Mbps whether its in Blue area ,F10 ,Jinnah.Mobilink doesnt have 3G in Abbottabad.

ZONG in Abbottabad.Its quite fast,streaming ,browsing.Perhaps its in testing phase here.Tested today


Pretty much fast

Ping is high due to lag in mobile,overall ping is fine:o
One thing I want to mention is that the ZONG browsing speed is much much much much better than ptcl.

^ That's because Zong is giving "Super 3G" :P

Basically Zong is prioritizing on providing the fastest speeds unlike other networks who are either prioritizing on expanding their 3G coverage or stabilizing their connection.

Unfortunately i don't have a dual-sim phone anymore so i can't test & share both Zong & Telenor results consistently anymore...