Share Torrent Movies , Songs , Audios ,Vidoes


i have started this thread so that all pakistanis who love to share their torrents with discription can do it here

as wel as we also need to make a good seeders community and share our contacts so that we can help each other in seeding.

i have an idea if 5 ppl have 1mb connection then every body having 25kB uploading speed and if all of them sharing one torrent personaly then other ppl who are downling torrent will see only one seeder and all leechers( peers ) not having more than 25 kB because seeder is only on 1mb

Now if they make community and then all will have 5 torrents with 5 seeders look to others (peers downloing that torrent )

if one seeder got disconnect torrent will not die that time

yes uploading speed will be same (25 kB) because all seeders have 5 torrents runnig but it is still batter then individual seeding

if any seeder wants to leave some specific torrent then he should mention the reason in this forum ( we can make some post for diffents typs ( new post, seeders post etc)


or one Seedbox can do the JOB pretty well..

i dont know if this thread complies with the rules of WP regarding piracy..

ppls just see the seeders not seedbox

and i wanna just make a pakistani seeders community

then make a torrents website n tracker.. with a pk domain and name it some pakistani type.. then advertise it..

i am not familiar with that and i dont know how to make a website

if u have any idea from where should i start then tell me plz

and i think my post is not related to this talk

i need just some friends of my nature who just want to upload movies songs etc.

and if i will get only one then i think i will get a goal

You are kidding, right? Get familiar with the forum rules.